Light gauge steel

Precision components with little waste and reduced project build time

Light gauge steel is one of the new additions to our portfolio this year and interest in LGS is increasing all the time.

Our light gauge steel system can be used on any construction project from housing developments through to office buildings and hotels and can be constructed up to 6 storeys without needing hot rolled steel support.

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Customer Location

Time efficiency

LGS is manufactured and penalised off-site, which decreases build time on-site.

Each house is individually designed in our factory and the cut and assembled walls, floors and roofs are precisely folded and punched in virtually any way the client sees fit.

Due to the level of customization that can be achieved with light gauge steel, fewer materials are wasted, leading to cost savings. Having each part specially manufactured off-site creates less chance for error.


Assembling this type of system on-site is more straightforward than working with less predictable building materials and the accuracy of the materials means that there are few if any mistakes made on-site during assembly which is very quick.

LGS is made of galvanized steel C sections of variable thicknesses. It is precise, recyclable (generally 50% of material content is recycled), non-combustible of course and resistant to rot, mould, and mildew, steel is also resistant to insect damage. Overall it is a versatile and quick build method.