Airtightness and insulation

At Lindrick we offer a wide choice of build methods which are broadly based on your preferred choice, your budget, site conditions e.g. access or building regulations and sometimes the build method can be decided by your funder. Build methods generally include Timber Frame, Structural Insulated Panels, light gauge steel frame, and Insulated Concrete Formwork are some of the most efficient construction methods for ensuring a high level of airtightness in your new build.

The slightly less efficient methods, such as Brick and Block, can have their airtightness levels boosted through the use of special tapes and membranes with particular consideration for thermal bridging in certain areas.

It's your choice

Regardless of the construction method you choose, Lindrick Eco build will provide a full design and build service utilising our own in house trades and project management and deliver a high degree of airtightness with super-high insulation. The more airtight your construction, the more warm air your home can retain; the more warm air your home can retain, the less energy your building will consume through heating. We choose a variety of insulation materials including wool, cork and or paper if required. The final choice will be project-specific.

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