Improve your living environment and circulate fresh air as well as recovering heat.

As Lindrick Eco Build focus on the building fabric it would always be our intention to have an MVHR system as a matter of course. Where the air permeability of the thermal envelope is at or below 3 air changes per hour when tested at 50 Pascal (equivalent approximately to 3 m3/m2.h @ 50 Pa for average dwellings) we would recommend the use of an MVHR system.

Most Lindrick Eco Homes will have an air permeability level of between 1 and 1.5

Consideration of the size and type of MVHR should be considered from early in the planning stage. An MVHR heat recovery ventilation system correctly specified will make the difference between a highly efficient system working un-noticed in the background and one that is constantly in the awareness of the inhabitants and wasting both heat and electrical energy.

These systems require ducting to be run through the building and the routing is important both from the point of view of the building and the efficiency of the ventilation system. Consideration of wall makes up as well as inter-floor systems such as eco joist ensure that the MVHR is easily and quickly installed and operates to its maximum efficiency.

Lindrick Eco Build and its team of engineers will work with you to decide the most appropriate design and system supplier of choice. We will supply and install your system.