Car Charging

Generate your own energy and manage your costs using solar power

As the number of electric cars increase and with a target of no fossil fuel vehicles on our roads by 2050 electric Car home charging will become an important addition to any new home. Charging can be from the mains or from your roof solar system and integrated battery storage system.

Lindrick Eco Build provides the homeowner with a low cost, future proof home charging station that, as well as providing EV charging in Mode 2 format (easily upgradable to full Mode 3) to satisfy planning, also doubles up as an outdoor IP65 rated domestic 13amp maintenance socket. This unit is ideal for use directly from the mains or as part of Lindrick Eco builds integrated solar, battery storage and electric home charging kit.

The government has now made a decision to push the electric car agenda to the forefront of its carbon reduction programme.  Electric cars are coming and when building your new ecohome an EV charger will not only work with your renewable technologies but add value to your home.