Battery storage

Reduce your carbon footprint, reduce energy bills and be ready for the smart meter changes coming soon.

Still in its infancy in terms of adoption, battery storage is one of those emerging technologies which is now becoming more interesting for eco home builders.

With the emergence of smart metering and smart charging where we will eventually pay more and less at different times of the day and night, battery storage systems are now a useful addition to the energy management system for your home.

At Lindrick Eco Build, our battery systems are generally built-in parallel with a solar panel system so that you are charging your battery system for free for discharge at higher tariff timesĀ and along with this with smart metering we are also charging from the grid at night so, for example, we buy at 2 am for 7p/kWh and use during the day saving the normal cost of up to 15p/kWh.

We will recommend the most suitable systems for you which integrates and complements your other technologies and is part of your holistic energy management system. With our smart controller, all of this happens as a matter of course and from your smartphone.

There are a variety of battery systems out there and we work with Tesla, PowerVault, solar edge and Victron to name a few.