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Renewable and smart technologies for a greener home


As a homeowner, some of your and my biggest expenses involved in running your home is the cost of items such as electricity, gas, oil, water heating, space heating and water charges.  At Lindrick eco build we integrate the latest renewable and smart technologies into your house design to ensure that you have the most cost-effective heating, lighting and lighting system which is managed smartly utilising what we now call the internet of things or smart controls.



Technological change is happening at a frightening pace these days and here at Lindrick eco build we focus on those items which you need for everyday use and introduce the latest product which is eco friendly (A + rated at least) in use, simple to operate, are energy-efficient and controllable at the touch of a switch or controllable with a simple app.


All of this means an economical house to run, which is comfortable to live in and with the peace of mind that it can be controlled from your own handheld devise.


Our design engineers will work with you to decide what smart technology works for your house and your own personal needs.

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