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Solar Thermal Power

70% of your water heating costs from the sun


In the UK, every square metre of land receives 800-1200kWh of solar thermal energy every year, whilst the average home here spends about 20-25% of their annual energy bills on water heating. A correctly designed solar hot water system can use the free energy from the sun to produce all your hot water requirements in the summer and provide up to 70% of hot water requirements over the year.


Solar thermal collectors work best when installed on a south-facing roof but can also be used in an east/west configuration.


Both the flat panel and evacuated tube solar collectors work best on a south-facing roof with an array on each side of the roof pitch if a south-facing roof is unavailable.

Solar thermal systems collect heat from the sun using a flat plate or evacuated tube collectors that have a special selective coating designed to absorb as much infrared heat as possible. This heat is transferred by conduction to the water in the collector.

A digital solar controller monitors the temperature of the water in the collectors as well as the temperature of the water in the solar hot water storage cylinder. When the collectors are warmer than the storage cylinder, the controller turns on the solar pump to move the heat from the collector array to the hot water cylinder.

At Lindrick Eco Build our electrical and plumbing team combine to provide a design supply and installation of your solar thermal system as part of your whole house renewable system.

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