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Solar Power

Generate your own energy and manage your costs using solar power.


Over the past 10 years, most people have bought and used solar panels as an investment vehicle based on tariffs provided through the MCS scheme and Ofgem. As we move into a non-subsidised era, solar panel system costs have reduced significantly and make the use of solar panels a more commercially sensible option.


An average new build customer will use around 5-6000kWh per year of electrical energy based on a medium-sized home. If you consider that a good quality 4kW solar system will generate around 4000kWh per year you should expect to save about 40% of your energy costs using solar panels. Adding a battery storage system would allow 100% of this energy generated to be used.


At Lindrick we would always consider using solar panels as part of an integrated whole-house system or solution which when combined with other renewable technologies will aid in producing a very energy-efficient home and contribute to reduced carbon generation.


Finally, when using solar panels, you are controlling the cost of your energy and not allowing yourself to be at the hands of the market price mechanism.


When you invest in renewable energy technology for your building you will be made aware of the financial and environmental benefits. We strongly suggest you make the most of these by keeping in mind the way each system works and making small changes to your day to day living.


Lindrick eco build uses its own in-house electrical staff to specify, supply and install your solar system to a high standard.

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