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Smart Controls

From smart thermostats to full smart home installs


What Is A Smart Home?


A Smart Home is a group of connected devices that connect to the internet enabling you to control them from wherever you are, as well as closely monitoring them. Whether that’s your lights, cameras, door locks, garage door, hoovers, speakers, thermostats plus many more. 

What Is Home Automation?


Once Smart Home devices are installed in a property, they can then be automated based on certain situations. For example, you may have Smart Lights and a Smart Doorbell, so when the doorbell rings your lights can flash to a colour of your choice, or if your home notices that no one is in your appliances can turn off, your alarm can arm itself and your hoover might start hoover.

Some Smart Home solutions on the market can be quite expensive, this is mainly down to the labour time it takes to install the cabling. Where possible we use wireless solutions, which cut down on installation time and due to the way, the devices work, they don't require a regular change of batteries. This means that additional devices can be easily added to your system when needed and the cost of turning your home into a smart home is a lot more reasonable. Plus, because the system works on a ZWave platform, if your Wi-Fi goes down your system will continue to work.


The cost of installing a Smart Home can range depending on which system you choose or more importantly which 'hub' you choose to act as the brains. We help you choose the best hub for you based on your budget or requirements. Due to the flexibility we have we then choose the best devices to fit into your new home. We also don't tie you into mandatory contracts, although we do provide optional support packages in case anything goes wrong or for upgrades.


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