Home working

Bespoke designed and installed eco office space in your own garden

Working from home has become more than a trend. As the amount of time spent commuting into the office increases as well as the ever-increasing fuel and/or rail costs many workers are looking for that elusive work time balance.

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Your dream office

Your own bespoke designed garden office from Lindrick eco build is the ideal solution to achieving that balance. The very fact that as you close the door from your home and open the door to your own garden office creates that psychological feeling of being at work whilst also giving you the knowledge that the long commute you had begun to loth is over.

A home office does not necessarily require much space. Generally, an office would start at around 10m2 in size allowing enough space for desk, shelving, chair and seating area.

An efficient working space

As eco house builders Lindrick eco build will not only design your garden office with you we will build it in our factory, prepare your groundworks before your office arrives and then install it for you all within the space of 4 weeks.

Generally, our units are built in SIPS panels or steel section. All are built to building regulations and are highly insulated to ensure that when in your office the environment is warm and comfortable. Ventilation systems, eco heating, and beautiful double-glazed windows and bi-fold doors all help to give the feeling of space and quality and create a working environment you would be happy to work in.

Exterior finishes

All garden offices are built to order with a variety of exterior timber or render board finishes.

Energy efficiency

Energy-efficient LED lights that give you comfortable illumination inside and out and six double plug sockets will enable you to power your computer and office equipment.


Your Lindrick Eco Office allows you space and comfort to work effectively from home.