Commercial to residential

Conversion of commercial buildings to eco standards

As a result of the economic downturn in recent years and the high cost of land often being an inhibiting factor in getting your dream home underway, many people are now looking at converting commercial properties into a residence.

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There is now an abundance of commercial property which is vacant. Some buyers who are looking for residential property are taking advantage of this situation, by buying commercial property and then converting it into a home. The main benefit of this approach is that buyers are able to secure a sensibly priced building which releases funds to use for high-quality conversion to your new home.

Whilst making alterations to an existing building may seem like an uncomplicated and thus relatively cheap option, there are many things to consider, in particular, the high cost of labour and the high level of skilled tradesman often required to carry out the work in order to comply with residential standards. 

Professional. Efficient. Reliable.

One of the benefits of dealing with Lindrick eco build is that in house trades such as bricklayers, plumbers, joinery, electrical ensures that the project is carried out to the highest quality of workmanship and each project is allocated its own dedicated and experienced project manager to help you deliver your dream conversion, on time and on budget.

At Lindrick we offer the same commitment to eco principles. All buildings are brought to a high thermal level, draughts are excluded and removed, triple glazing is a standard and eco heating systems using renewable technologies offer a comfortable living environment when coupled with modern ventilation and heat recovery systems, in summary, a high-quality converted building into your new home which is low energy and eco-friendly