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Rain Water Recovery

Recovering and reusing water on-site saves on your water bills


As part of our holistic approach to sustainability within our builds, we offer two rainwater recovery options. Firstly, the harvesting of rainwater which is fed back into the house by gravity or pumped method and the use of SUDS to manage stormwater discharge where water is recovered and released into the ground on a managed basis. This is particularly important in areas where soil conditions on site are difficult for example in clay-rich soils.

Rainwater Harvesting


The principal of rainwater harvesting is to collect, filter and store rainwater from your roof.

This harvested rainwater can be used for toilets, washing machines and in the garden. Giving you significant reductions to your bills as well as making your home more sustainable.


In almost all cases we advise the use of below-ground tanks. This is for a number of reasons;

•    No space is taken up and the appearance of your home isn’t altered.

•    When stored below ground, the collected rainwater has no access to light and stays very cool. Both factors make bacterial growth impossible, thus keeping the quality of the water very high.

•    When below ground, the tanks are frost protected.

Sustainable Urban Drainage System (Rain Activ)

Rain Activ combines the benefits of rainwater harvesting for non-potable applications with the controlled release of attenuated water into the network. Dual functionality to maintain supply and a SuDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) solution for the future. The concept is simple but the design is innovative. The outcome is an effective, affordable decentralised water management system.

How Does Rain Activ Do This?


Utilising simple to install, shallow dig water tanks and a filtration/discharge module. Rain Activ collects water from a roof space and removes debris via a self-cleaning filter. Once inside the tank, a proportion of the water is stored for non-potable use such as garden, toilets and washing machines. The remaining water is attenuated and discharged at a calculated rate. Each Rain Activ is set bespoke to customer requirements. With tank size, attenuation level and attenuation rate all calibrated.

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